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3 Useful Tips -Squirrel Hunting In Early season

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When the weather warms up then it’s time for a good ole fashion squirrel hunt. The frustrating challenges that bring a hunter to the woods to squirrel hunt can be very rewarding. You’ll be sure to come out with a few ticks and mosquito bites in early season . Here are some tips tell you  how to squirrel hunt.

When to hunt
Squirrels are pretty active most of the day. They are continuously scurrying the ground for berries, acorns and a variety of nuts and seeds. As any deer or turkey hunter already knows, one of the best times to hunt for squirrels is early morning before the sun rises. You’ll hear them scurrying in the leaves and see them jumping from branch to branch.Sqirrel hunting tips for early season

What to hunt with
I recommend hunting squirrel using a 12 gauge shotgun using #6 or #7 shot size. You usually hit the target and have less pellets in the meat. Another popular gun to use is a .22 caliber rifle. Just make sure you’re comfortable and accurate with your gun because the size of the squirrel gives you a very small target.

Where to hunt
When squirrel hunting, you should setup somewhere near a nut tree such as a hickory, walnut, etc. If you listen carefully, you will hear little stems and tree pieces falling to the ground which gives away the location of the squirrel. If you’re not seeing anything within 20 minutes, feel free to walk to a different location and find another set of hickory or walnut trees. Another technique is to continually walk throughout the woods until you see movement and easily move around until you are able to take a shot. During the early season if the weather is hot, squirrels like to be near cool streams or creeks with freshwater.

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