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10 Practical Tips Help You Squirrel Hunting Successfully

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Squirrel hunting is one of the best ways to get started in the outdoors. Squirrel hunting doesn’t require a lot of equipment and gear and, therefore, is a great beginners sport. With squirrel season being one of longest of any game animal , it serves as a great way to get out in the woods, practice your shot, and ultimately harvest some delicious meat. Here are 10 squirrel hunting tips to help you.

1.Aim for the head. This prevents damage to the meat.

2.There are two main ways to hunt- sitting and waiting for the squirrels, or stalking them. If you are stalking them, move slowly and quietly through the woods, taking two or three steps before stopping to scan the area. Keep a look out for branches moving and nut shells on the ground.

3.Remember that squirrels get spooked very easily.

4.When walking in the woods, put your feet down gently and be sure to avoid stepping on sticks.useful squirrel hunting tips 02

5.You will realize that you use your ears just as much, if not more, than your eyes when you are stalking the squirrels. The noise of a little squirrel running on the leaf-covered ground, or the sound of debris  falling from trees is actually very easy to hear in a quiet woods.

6.Stand or sit up against a tree with the sun to your back. This makes it more difficult for the squirrels to spot you.

7.It is best to hunt when there is a minimal amount of wind. The limbs in motion make it difficult to spot squirrels.

8.Carry some small rocks in your pocket for when a squirrel hides around the opposite side of the tree trunk. Toss the rock to the side that the squirrel is on to trick the squirrel into thinking you moved to that side. Be ready to shoot, because the squirrel will move to your side.

9.Each state has a maximum number you can harvest in a day.

10.Like hunting any other animal, you must have a lot of patience. Some days you will see absolutely nothing, while other days you will limit out.

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