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10 Useful Tips To Help You To Hunt A Bucks

10 Useful Tips To Help You To Hunt A Bucks

Bucks is a strong animal.However, hunters love to hunt bucks.They think hunt a bucks is a great experence.But bucks as a dangerous animal ,its power we can not ignore. For longs years hunting ,experenced hunters summarized these 10 national successful deer hunting experiences. Let’s  have a look, maybe it will help you !

A part of seeing bigger bucks is letting the smaller ones walk. If you have everybody in 100 square miles practicing this, then you will continue to grow larger bucks.

 Designate a few acres of your property as a deer sanctuary where it is safe for them to go. Give them a food plot, an apple tree, something they will really enjoy.

Post keep out signs around your sanctuaries and safe zones so other hunters don’t wonder in.

Use scents and lures conservatively. Many mature bucks have made a connection between man and scent overuse during the fall.

 During the rut, find the bucks by locating the does. The buck’s hormones are going to be raging. They are looking for a mate. 10 Useful Tips To Help You To Hunt A Bucks

Rattling techniques are most effective during the pre-rut phase before bucks lock down with a doe.

Hunt the edges of thickets and the nastiest overgrown areas you can find. Bucks love heavy cover.

 If moving a tree stand is too risky, consider making a natural blind to ambush a buck.

 Don’t call or grunt to a buck that is already heading your way. Just be still and quiet and let the deer move right in.

The snort wheeze is a great call to use on an aggressive buck.


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