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6 Tips For Cold Weather Bow Hunting

6 tips you have to know for cold hunting day 02

When you hunting a deer in a cold day,you have to protect yourself firstly.And some essential hunting tips you must know:
1.When the temps get below 40 degrees draw your bow and hold it then let down every 20-30 minutes to help keep your muscles warm and stretched out. Standing also helps keep you warmer.

2.Take the first good shot you have at that spookey buck. Waiting for him to come just a few yards closer or turn just right for the shot and he’ll be gone.6 tips you have to know for cold hunting day

3.Hunt the second rut. Around December 5th to the 15 give or take a few days does that were not successfully bread come back into estrous and you have a good chance of seeing a buck during the day. It can be cold but it is often worth it. Hunt the same areas you did during the first rut.

4.Hunt the swamps and pines. Deer congregate in these areas when the weather gets cold. The thick pines covered with snow are warmer and provide great bedding cover. The temperatures inside a pine thicket can be as much as 10 to 15 degrees warmer then they are in the open hardwoods.

5.Hunt the ground. When the temps really drop you are often better off hunting a ground blind near a food source or natural funnel. You’ll stay much warmer and won’t be so exposed as sitting in a tree that has lost all it’s leaves.

6.According to whitetail deer researcher Lenard Lee Rue the 3rd snow and rain dissipates your scent molecules and on cold dry days the mucous lining of a deer’s nose is not as receptive as usual, so it is less likely to smell you.

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