7 Rabbit Hunting Tips With Bow

7 useful rabbit hunting tips 02

Rabbit hunting as a funny hunting game,lots of people love to do. As a hunter,you must have your rabbit shotgun before you start tihs game.Now, let me share with you a few bow hunting tips and strategies that can help you hunt a rabbit or defend your castle:

1.When hunting , you must find the hidden food sources of the game you’re after; basically, if you find where the carrots are, the rabbit will be there, sooner or later. Keep in mind that you can always use lures to draw the game out, so be as imaginative as you like.

2. Try to be an efficient hunter, by using good strategy, i.e. knowing when and where to hunt, where to stay out of, etc. These things can make a world of difference. For determining the best areas for hunting, you can use trail cameras if you have access to them in order to see if there’s game activity in the area; hunting in “hot” zones will dramatically increase your chances of success

3. Think positive, because having a positive state of mind is actually more important than the quality of your gear! The mind is your ultimate weapon and having confidence in yourself and your skills will lead to more success not only when hunting, but in your day to day life. I know, it sounds like a motivational speech, but it’s very true! A good bow hunter is always an optimist and doesn’t get discouraged easily.

4.Be patient at all times; bow-hunting is a waiting game. Preparation and practice make a world of difference, but if you can’t acquire that Zen attitude, that mental peace and relaxation, you’ll never be one of the best.

5. When practicing with bows and arrows, you must try and get out of your comfort zone! Shooting arrows at fixed targets in your backyard while sipping a beer and smoking a cigar doesn’t mean that you’re prepared for a real-life situation. When the moment of truth arrives, you’ll probably botch the shot! If you want to be a real archer, you must practice out of your comfort zone; for example shoot from 60 yards instead of 30, even if it may be intimidating at first.7 useful rabbit hunting tips

6.Imagine yourself in a real hunting situation and don’t allow more than 4-5 seconds for settling the pin and shooting at the target. Make target acquisition a matter of just a few seconds, don’t take your time. Practice holding a full draw for as long as possible and also practice the “blind shooting” technique. Blind shooting is exactly what it says it is; basically shooting arrows quickly and intuitively in order to build muscle memory and to prepare your mind for acting instinctively, hence avoiding that adrenaline rush that appears when an opportunity presents itself.

7.Don’t wait for the game to come to your location, hunt where the game is! Be versatile, even if this requires extra effort, you must sometimes climb trees and hide behind logs, but you’ll be repaid in the end for all your troubles. Don’t hunt the same stands, move one all the time, just like in guerilla warfare!

Don’t hesitate to use pop-up ground blinds, they offer incredible concealment for bow hunters and they’re easy to build .