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A Perfert Bow For Young Beginners

A perfert Bow For Young Beginners

Youth bow and arrow sets are an excellent way to introduce kids to the world of Archery. They have very simple constructions, come with arrows and targets so they’re ready for shooting out of the box, and provide tons of fun and an excellent recreational activity.A perfert Bow For Young Beginners

I recommend that all beginner youths should start their journey with a traditional bow .Because traditional bows are  simpler  than compounds, so the archer can focus on shooting .And traditional youth bows the prices are cheaper.They let the shooter: develop muscle strength and joint flexibility.

Since this bow is designed for young children, it is not very powerful at all. The draw weight is only 8 to 12 pounds, heavy enough to be a bit of a challenge for children but not so heavy as to be impossible for them to draw.

The included arrows have very stiff plastic fletchings that do not “give” as the arrow tries to fly past the bow handle. The result was that the arrows would tilt sideways enough to prevent going into the target. I re-fletched the arrows with feathers, and this solved the problem completely.



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