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A Whitetail Handgun That’s Bad to the Bone

The .460 S&W Magnum broke all handgun velocity records when it was introduced and quickly became known as the ultimate hunting cartridge.

A couple of years ago Smith & Wesson teamed up with “The Bone Collector” Michael Waddell to launch the limited edition Performance Center XVR Bone Collector revolver. Based on the powerful X-Frame design, this gun sports an unfluted stainless steel cylinder that holds five rounds of

The S&W .460 Magnum, in regular configuration or some custom like this Bone Collector limited edition model, has awesome power and accuracy for deer hunters looking for a challenge.

ammunition and has a 71⁄2-inch barrel. Its two-tone finish provides a special look that is functional and stylish, and the Bone Collector logo is engraved on the frame. The top rail offers plenty of space for mounting optics, and there are adjustable iron sights as well.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center enhancements to this revolver include a heavy-duty ball detent lockup and exclusive chrome trigger and hammer.

The .460 Mag. is a versatile chambering because with full-power loads it can attain velocities of 2,400 fps, making it a very flat-shooting pistol. Don’t need that flat of a trajectory or so much fire-breathing energy? You also can use .454 Casull loads, or you can tame the beast even further with .45 Colt loads that are ideal for practice or even deer hunting at close range.

At 4.81 pounds this gun isn’t light, but that bulk isn’t bad with a handgun capable of dropping any animal on the planet. The standard Performance Center muzzle brake also helps tame this roaring .460 Mag.

No matter the deer, no matter the setup, this versatile revolver will put the bullet where it belongs and drop deer with authority.

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