America’s Most-Rrusted Brand of Wildlife Nutritional Products-Rack-Up Trophy Class Liquid

Evolved Habitat Rack-Up Liquid


Evolved Habitats’ Rack-Up Trophy Class Liquid is made in the USA. Evolved Habitats, America’s most-trusted brand of wildlife nutritional products engineered to attract and hold wildlife, released its advanced Rack-Up Trophy Class mineral mix supplement in 2016 – a breakthrough deer management product containing the highest concentrations of Phosphorus, Magnesium and Calcium ever produced by Evolved.

New for 2017, Evolved Habitats expands on the success of Rack-Up Trophy Class powdered mix with the introduction of Rack-Up Trophy Class Liquid.

Evolved Habitat Rack-Up Liquid

“Rack-Up Trophy Class contains high concentrations of the key minerals science has shown to contribute most to antler growth,” says Jason Campbell, whitetail hunter, wildlife manager and Plano Synergy’s Evolved Brand Manager, who stresses that year-‘round mineral supplementation is important not only for antler development, but for many other reasons as well.

“Genetics, age and nutrition will always be the most important factors in producing large-antlered bucks,” says Campbell, “but quality mineral supplements provided throughout the year will help every antlered deer grow to its potential, while also providing does with beneficial minerals needed for rearing healthy fawns.”

There are additional, compelling reasons for calendar-long mineral supplementation. Science has shown that deer are capable of storing excess Calcium and Phosphorus in their bones and then drawing from those reserves during the antler-growing period. Additionally, high Phosphorus levels have also been correlated to increased body size. Of course, hunters and wildlife managers who keep a keen eye on their deer herds also use mineral sites to attract deer to their game camera sites.

Rack-Up Trophy Class Liquid contains the same high concentrations of key minerals found in the original powdered formula, but in a liquid form that makes it easy to keep existing mineral and other attraction sites refreshed and holding deer.