Bowtech’s 2017 Three Best New Bow

Bowbow hunting

Well! Here’s a short look at three new models of Bowtech.

Bowtech Reign 6 and Reign 7

Bowtech Reign 6

Bowtech’s 2017 flagship bows are designed not with one thing in mind, but with everything in mind. The Reign 6 and 7 are ultra-smooth, quiet, powerful and balanced, dominating every category, not just one.

Bowtech BT-MagBowtech BT-Mag

There’s one smart choice for archers who like to go big, and it’s the Bowtech BT-Mag. Whether its hunting or 3D archery, the BT-Mag has the technology, performance and tuning to make it the ultimate long axle-to-axle bow.

Bowtech Fanatic 3.0

Bowtech Fanatic 3.0

Competition archers know the difference between first place and second place can be the smallest of margins. That’s why Bowtech has refined every last detail of its industry-leading target bow to create the new Fanatic 3.0.