Can PA Hunters Use Ozonics?

Ozonics HR200

Ozonics HR200

Ozonics Hunting, the founders and leaders of harnessing the power of ozone and oxidation technology through active scent control while afield, are pleased to announce that the Pennsylvania Game Commission has given preliminary approval for the use of Ozonics for the 2017-2018 hunting season.

This opens the door for public comment on the measure. A second vote will be taken in September. If passed, Pennsylvania hunters will be able to join other states in harnessing the power of ozone to reduce, alter, or destroy human odor while in the field.

What is Ozonics?

Ozonics is an electronic ozone generator designed to blanket your human odor and help you go undetected by deer.

Here’s a quick look at what it looks like and how it works…

According to Lancaster Online, “There never has been a controversy over the use of Ozonics in Pennsylvania. It has just never come up before for consideration by the Game Commission to be added to the list of legal devices.”

Bottom line, electronic devices that help tip the odds in your favor, or potentially aid in illegal methods of hunting (lighted sight pins, lasers, etc.) are not permitted for use while hunting in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, like many western states with generic electronic regulations, a lot of great products get thrown into the no-go category, simply because they are electronics and get disqualified in this blanket regulation. And it’s really not right. However, the Game Commission has continued to receive requests to consider revisions of regulations for several specific electronic devices.


Items like this electronic scent dispenser from Wyndscent could soon be legal for hunting use in Pennsylvania as well.

The Game Commission has to evaluate to what degree a given device might negatively impact the principles of resource conservation, equal opportunity, fair chase and public safety.

Categories that are currently working towards a change in the hunting regulations are: electronic decoys for waterfowl, electronically heated scent or lure dispensers, and the use of electronic devices that distribute ozone gas for scent control purposes.

“We’ve been approached by Pennsylvania hunters for years, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to help them experience active scent control this fall,” stated Buddy Piland, VP of Marketing at Ozonics. “The ability to choose the perfect stand setup, and hunt in confidence, knowing that Ozonics has got their back is going to be liberating for hardcore whitetail and big game hunters in Pennsylvania. We are hopeful for a favorable vote in September.”

What electronic devices ARE allowed for use while hunting or trapping Pennsylvania?

  • Electronic sound-amplicfication devices incorporated into hearing protection devices and completely contained within the hunters’ ear.
  • Electronic devices used for locating dogs while training and hunting.
  • Electronic illuminating devices affixed to the aft end of a bolt or arrow and used solely for locating or tracking a bolt or arrow after it is launched.
  • Electronic crow decoys used solely for hunting crows.
  • Electronic rangefinders, including handheld devices and those contained within a scope or archery sight, so long that it does not emit a beam.

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