Easy Ways to Build a MacGyver-Style Deer Hoist


Some of the best hunts we’ll ever encounter in the wild take place when we are on our own. Sure, we all love the camaraderie that comes with time in the woods with our hunting buddies, but when it comes to being as stealthy as possible, we are typically better off on our own. That is, until we pull the trigger. Getting your deer or elk out of the backcountry on your own can be brutal. We certainly welcome the help then, right? But what if help is not available?

deer hoist

She needed help in getting the buck into the truck when a friend of mine recently killed a deer on her own. Her dad showed up to give her a hand, but not before sharing a priceless lesson on how to create a MacGyver-style deer hoist that allows you to lift a deer from the ground by yourself for skinning or loading into the truck with minimal effort. Here’s how it’s done.