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Great Rabbit Hunting Shortguns For Winter Hunting

3 rabbit shortguns for hunting 01

With winter upon us, now is a good time to downsize your hunting and go after small game. There are many great guns to choose here are 3 great rabbit hunting shortguns.

In a sea of lead-spraying semi-autos, the Buck Mark has been building a reputation as an accurate, dependable pistol. Most semis can’t keep groups inside a coffee can at 20 yards, but the Buck Mark does.    3 rabbit shortguns for hunting 04
This shortgun  dispatching animals on the trap line, or taking down grouse or rabbits while I’m hunting bigger critters. It’s an accurate, versatile, and very dependable handgun that will last a lifetime. 3 rabbit shortguns for hunting 03Although a little hot for a standard small-game rifle, the .17 Hornet is a deadly accurate round. Whether you’re knocking the heads off cottontails from 150 yards or hunting the larger end of the spectrum, like lynxes, bobcats, foxes, and coyotes, the CZ–.17 Hornet combo has you covered. Hornady’s 20-grain V-Max factory loads shoot sub-MOA, and unlike rimfire rounds, the .17 Hornet can be reloaded.3 rabbit shortguns for hunting 02

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