How to Buy the Right Hunting Boots


To a skilled hunter the right equipment isn’t just made up of the right gun, ammunition and transportation for whatever is coming back with them. A skilled hunter knows that a comfortable pair of boots should always be part of the mix. If you plan on surviving the elements with a pair of normal boots then you can have all the ammo in the world, chances are you won’t last long enough to actually bring back a trophy. They are going to get wet, uncomfortable and ultimately leave you colder than a snowstorm in winter. If you do manage to put your cold and wet feet at the back of your mind you most likely won’t enjoy the experience, so why go hunting in the first place? Before you even think of going out this season use these tips on how to buy the right hunting boots.irishsettersnakebootrealtreeturkeyblog


The Right Boots for the Right Occasion

Consider where you will be hunting and work from there. For example, will the conditions be wet or dry? Is it going to be warm or cold? Will you be doing a lot of climbing or will you be walking through streams and swamps? A good hunter knows his terrain and he is always prepared. Choose a pair of boots that is specifically designed for the conditions you’ll be facing. It’s also recommended that you wait until later in the day to make your purchase, because your feet are going to swell as the day goes by.

Don’t Forget the SocksZamberlanBoots

You want to get socks that are warm and thick, because the trip you’ll be taking isn’t summer camp. You will be scaling uncomfortable terrain and your feet need all the support they can get. Try them on when you are testing your boots in the store, but don’t just walk a couple of steps. Take a few strides through the store and try to be methodical about how they will feel after a few days.Size does Matter
Assuming you wear a size 13, but the store you go to only has a 12.5 pair in stock. Don’t even consider trying them on. In fact, walk out of the store right away, because the only leverage you should give the size of the boots is half a size bigger, not smaller. A tight and snug fit does not equal comfort and warmth. However, it will result in pain and a lot of bad thoughts toward the person who sold them to you. Remember that comfort and protection are your main priorities, so your toes need the necessary room to wiggle around.

Every Boot is Unique

Never make assumptions about the dimensions of a boot, even if it’s a brand you’ve previously had. Designs and material change, not to mention the different approaches from different brands. Every pair of hunting boots will have a different level of comfort. The only way you are going to figure out which pair is going to work for you is by trying them out. Don’t rely on the salesperson to tell you what they “should” feel like, because perceptions are different. Go that extra mile and wear them in all possible ways. For instance, wear them with shorts and long pants. You can even tug your pants into the boots if you want to, but test them thoroughly before you make a final decision.
If you follow this advice on how to buy your next pair of hunting boots then you can be sure it’s going to be a comfortable experience, come hell or high water.