Introducing A Unique Rifle

Introducing A Unique Rifle

In order to create a unique Rifle, we have started from the ground up. Using our own unique super light receiver, built from High Strength Aerospace Grade Titanium, our super strong lightweight Carbon fibre stock, Match grade barrel and trigger, we have created an ultra light and accurate rifle.

While noodling about on ‘tinerweb this morning I discovered that Lawrence Precision, who are famous for their titanium moderators also make this 2.3 Kg mountain rifle.

When incorporated with our Titanium Sound Moderators and Scope Mounts, this produces a unique ultra light winning combination.

Proven reliability and performance, weighing a mere 2.3 KG*

With such a light rifle I’m veering towards the .243 BUT at 100gr it’s at the top of its bullet weight range, whereas the other two are at the bottom of their’s.I’ve also seen a .308, for me its the magic of the 6-7mm range. Obviously there are lots of other factors to be considered.

Let us not discuss tawdry things such as the price and four month build time. This is a 100% custom rifle, not an assembly of parts, all the work of one man.The tantalising combination of exquisite machining, Titanium, and Carbon Fibre really does it for me.