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Introducing The New Ranew’s Outdoors Hanging Judge Gambrel Hot Gear

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I stick in mind that you may immediately wonder how much that deer actually weighs when all your hard work scouting and hunting finally pays off and you put a trophy deer on the ground. With the new Ranew’s Outdoors Hanging Judge Gambrel with Scale, you can take the guesswork out of recording the weight of the deer you kill on your hunting property.

The Hanging Judge combines an all-inclusive gambrel and digital scale into one easy-to-use tool. It allows you to hang, weigh, dress and quarter game without the hassle of first hanging the animal on scale, then switching to a gambrel or cleaning table to field dress the deer. It totally eliminates having to go back to the scale to get a dressed weight, then back to the gambrel or cleaning table to skin and quarter the deer.

With the Hanging Judge, you can get the live and dressed weight of the deer without worrying about damaging the scale while skinning or processing the animal. This will save time if you are processing your own deer. As with any good gambrel, it allows you to skin out and quarter the animal at a height  convenient for you. Its unique design won’t hurt your back and keeps the carcass suspended off the ground to help ensure the meat stays clean.

Ultimately, recording accurate weights of the deer you shoot will do more than just help you win bets with your buddies when guessing the weights of your deer. In the long run, it can also help you better manage your deer herd.

Each time a hunter on your property decides to shoot a deer, he or she will get feedback on how much the deer actually weighs – was that doe really 135 pounds, or closer to 105 pounds? This is one of the most difficult things to do in managing deer. Therefore, over time, accurately judging the age and size of deer on the hoof will become easier.

You also can begin to gather a data set about weights of deer killed on your property. Especially if you age each deer that is weighed, you can begin to track how fast your deer grow and gain weight, and whether your management techniques – habitat improvements and food plots – are improving the health of your herd over time. You’ll also learn how to better estimate the age of deer in the field – a critical skill in any selective hunting strategy.

The more information you have about the interaction between your management and the real outcomes for the deer, the better you can make your hunting.

That’s why even if you take all of your deer to a processor, and never dress a deer yourself, getting a live weight on the deer you take can make the Hanging Judge worth having. And of course if you do process your own deer, the Hanging Judge will pay for itself in the first season you use it.

Consider taking what you know about your deer and how your management efforts affect them to the next level before the season starts – with the Hanging Judge Gambrel with Scale.

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