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Make the Most of Your Warm or Cool Season Deer Hunting Food Plots

Whether you’re planting and maintaining warm- or cool-season food plots, the Firminator can help you with all phases of planting.

Warm season food plots, which are extremely attractive to deer, are part of superior management programs for serious hunters.

The Firminator is ideally suited for putting in warm-season crops. It combines a heavy-duty disc harrow, a true agricultural-grade cultipacker and a precision ground-drive seed system in one unit that you can pull behind an ATV or a tractor.

It’s a simple all-in-one system that discs the ground, puts the seeds in at the rate and depth you choose, and then packs the ground to assure good seed-to-soil contact. It’s everything you need to put in a food plot. You do the driving, the Firminator does the planting.

Many warm-season food plot seeds are relatively large – corn and soybeans, for example. Others, like joinvetch, are smaller. That’s why the Firminator’s Accu-Seed system is specifically designed to handle a wide variety of seeds. It has a simple and quick system for adjusting to whatever seed you are planting.

It also has an easy-to-adjust system that measures out the seed at the appropriate rate as you pull the Firminator. That means that even if your speed varies over different parts of the field, the seeding rate is optimal.

The Firminator’s cultipacker helps get proper seed-to-soil contact for better growth.

And the Firminator’s cultipacker assures that no matter what seed you are planting, it will have good contact with the soil to promote optimal germination rates.

Spring is the perfect time to start planning your warm-season plantings, and The Firminator is the equipment that makes the prep and planting of those plots easy, fast and economical.

These food plots will keep doe groups on your property as they seek to satisfy the nutritional needs of themselves and their fawns – and make it more likely they will still be there during the rut. Meanwhile, bucks that are growing antlers and bulking up for the coming fall will find everything they need in your food plots.

This year, resolve to have a better hunting season by putting in warm-season food plots. Make it easy on yourself by using a Firminator.

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