Outdoor Edge Cuts Busbice

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The outdoor industry is responding in a big way to the recent sentencing of Bill Busbice for game violations in Wyoming. If you missed it, read the story HERE.

Outdoor Edge has been among the first to make bold statements against such actions. Hats off to Outdoor Edge for their stand.

David Bloch, owner of Outdoor Edge, the company that produces quality knives and tools for all outdoor activities, announced today that the company has severed all sponsorships with Bill Busbice and the show “Wild Game Nation” in light of Busbice’s recent conviction and sentencing for game violations.

“Since our founding, nearly three decades ago, Outdoor Edge has been a strong advocate of ethical and legal hunting and fishing,” said Bloch. “We do not condone or support any deviation from these founding beliefs, and for this reason, we have decided to end all sponsorships related to Bill Busbice.”

Outdoor Edge sponsored “Wild Game Nation” for the previous three and a half years. Although all ties to the show have been severed, future airings of the show may still show Outdoor Edge as a sponsor.


Bill Busbice of Wildgame Innovations.

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