Rabbit Hunting Shooting Tips You Have To Learn

How to shoot the rabbit in hunting game 02

Rabbit hunting is a funny small game. It don’t complicated,but you must learn some essential tips. The tips will help you reduce the time of hunting.

Rabbits in heavy cover seldom offer more than an instant in which to make your shot. There’s no time to swing through your target. You have to locate the dashing rabbit, shoulder your gun and shoot all in one motion.How to shoot the rabbit in hunting game

On the rare occasions when a rabbit bolts across open ground you’ll do well to ponder your shot, but not very long. On pass shots, swing through the body and beyond the head, shooting just as the bead clears the rabbit’s nose. When your target is running straight away from you, don’t draw your bead on that cottony-white tail. Instead, swing through the rabbit, centering your shot just beyond the head. The result is a fast kill and undamaged meat.

It pays to be ready for a cottontail’s fleet rush from cover. Rabbits are adept at making their move when you and your partners are chewing the fat and let your guard down. Don’t prop your gun over a shoulder or cradle it in your arm. Keep your firearm in the ready position, with your trigger hand on the grip and your index finger on the trigger guard. You’ll miss too many shots if you parade around like a soldier with your gun pointed at the sky.

The real magic of rabbit hunting is its simplicity. It takes some work for rabbits, but it’s not as hard as for some other game animals. There’s no need to build blinds or stands. It’s not imperative to be out at daybreak, and fancy, high-dollar equipment isn’t needed. Just find the rabbits, and the fun comes naturally.