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Ragim Black Bear Recurve Bow With Awesome Flexibility

Ragim Black Bear Recurve Bow

Designed from the ground up with everything you need and nothing you don’t, the Black Bear Recurve Bow Package isn’t expensive but it certainly isn’t “cheap”. We’ve shot bows costing 3 times this much that didn’t feel as good.  Ragim Black Bear Recurve Bow detail 03 The Ragim Black Bear‘s riser is one solid billet of hardwood crafted into a perfectly balanced mid-wrist grip and a shelf that honestly, couldn’t be better. Ragim’s dedication to solid shooting really shines through in the clean black fiberglass laminations and maple core of the limbs. Combine the awesome flexibility of maple with the tensile strength of fiberglass and the result is a super-tough limb with great shooting characteristics and a velvety smooth draw. Ragim Black Bear Recurve Bow detail 02

Unlike many entry level recurves, the Black Bear features active limb tips. This means that the recurved portion of the limb gets in on the end of the draw stroke, reducing stacking and increasing arrow speeds. If you’re ready to accept the challenge of traditional archery Ragim Archery’s Black Bear Recurve is ready to help you every step of the way.Ragim Black Bear Recurve Bow detail
Of course, we’ve loaded the Ragim Black Bear traditional bow package with everything you need to get started: shelf rest, quiver, arrows, broadheads, field points, your choice of a glove or tab, a quality arm-guard, string silencers, and all the other little trimmings to take the guesswork out and get you on the range. But don’t expect the box to be full of loose parts and assembly instructions, because this awesome rig comes ready for action.

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