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Simple Tips About Rabbit Hunting

Simple Tips About Rabbit Hunting


Rabbit hunting is pretty simple. Rabbit hunting is a common hunting ,now let me tell you some tips about it.

The most productive days to hunt rabbits are cloudy, cold, damp days. A perfect day is one with a foggy morning or afternoon, where there is heavy mist in the air, and the woods are real, real quiet. You can sneak in the woods very stealthily, making sure you move slowly, and keep a keen eye out. Constantly watch ahead of you for any type of movement. Savvy hunters will find one of the spots that we’ve described, and when coming up on it, will literally give it a good, swift kick. Trust me: If there’s a rabbit in that spot, it’ll come scurrying out at warp speed. Simple Tips About Rabbit Hunting

Another good thing to know is that you should never move. Stay perfectly still and motionless. That rabbit will come right back to you. No kidding. They do. They will stop, turn around and circle right back to where they came from.

Continue to zip through the woods, and you’ll get your bag limit quickly, following these simple suggestions — again, assuming you’ve pre-scouted the area and know it has a rabbit population.

One thing that you should recognize and to me at least is a negative when it comes to rabbit hunting, is that they’re usually infested with fleas. Lots of hunters don’t know that. When you get home, leave the rabbits outside for awhile, until their bodies get cold. When that happens those warm loving fleas will skedaddle. If you do bring the rabbits in the house immediately, you’re going to have an infestation of fleas – and for sure if you’ve got a cat or dog, they’ll become infested.

Rabbit hunting is one of the interesting outdoor experiences. Being a successful rabbit hunter means you’ll really have had some fun experiencing nature.

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