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Six Hunting Tips for Better Scent Control

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It was hard to hide my juvenile excitement as the UPS truck was backing into my driveway as well as a kid at Christmas. Everybody loves getting things in the mail, and I was especially excited for this package. This season’s Scent Blocker order was sure to not disappoint. I am a loyal scent control disciple and even though my deer season is still months away, my scent control regimen starts now. Here’s what was in the box, and why I order it so early.

By Jason Herbert

Body Soap and Shampoo. Before each hunt I take a scent free shower. If I’m on the road and can’t shower for some reason, I’ll at least wipe down with scent free body wipes. This stuff eliminates odors and prevents more from forming. That being said, it needs to be used correctly. Taking a scent free shower, then drying off with a flower scented towel and putting on smelly clothes, and using scented deodorant won’t help anyone remain scent free. That’s why I also order scent free deodorant and la
Deodorant. I wear deodorant year round. I’m a middle school teacher and really recommend that deodorant use begin in middle school. That said, I start to use ScentBlocker antiperspirant/deodorant right about August each year. It blocks human body odor and it helps destroy other foreign odors as well. We all know deodorant is important for adults, and as hunters we can’t get away without using it, so we might as well use a scent-free version.

Laundry detergent. This is also when I start doing my hunting laundry. I do not have the luxury of owning two washers and dryers so the first thing I do is to clean my washer. With Trinity Blast spray and Scent Blocker laundry detergent, I run an empty cycle to clean out the laundry machine. I spray the inside with the Trinity Blast, rub the inside with ascent-free wipe, then fill it with water and use a generous amount of ScentBlocker laundry detergent. Once the washer is clean, then I’ll start washing all my clothes.

I clean the dryer by spraying it with Trinity Blast scent eliminating spray and wiping down, and then run a dummy load with ScentBlocker dryer sheets. After my clothes are washed I follow the recommended procedures and air dry them outside on a clothesline. Then I will reactivate my Trinity synthetic scent control apparel by running them through the dryer on a medium or high setting to recharge the adsorption capability. Anything that contains Trinity absolutely gets put in the dryer and anything that doesn’t, still gets put in the dryer so the Trinity will adsorb odors from it. I store my clothing in ScentBlocker airtight, scent-free compression bags. It helps pack tightly for travel and storage, while keeping the Trinity at maximum readiness when I step into the woods.

Each season has a bag. My early-season gear goes in one bag, mid-season goes in another, late season goes in the third, etc. I also store several sets of underclothes like sweatshirts and jeans. That way when I sweat in a T-shirt or my hooded sweatshirt gets contaminated by sweat from my head, I can set those aside and grab another package of underclothes that are already scent free, without having to start over and do laundry again. Once every few weeks when all my underclothes are contaminated by human or foreign odors, I start over and wash them all again.


I take Sportsman’s Edge vitamins all year round and also start to regularly take internal deodorant pills in August. I love the vitamins for several reasons and have come to also love the internal deodorant pills. The internal deodorant pills contain high amounts of natural odor-eating chlorophyll, which certainly helps take care of anything in my diet that may produce alarming smells to the deer. I tend to go a bit overboard, and also start to eat a more vegan-like diet a month before the season starts. Human urine and deer urine have a very similar protein composition, and through observation, I’ve noticed the more vegetables I eat, the more the deer are interested in the smell of my urine. So I try to eat a plant-based diet like a game animal would and try to smell like one as well. But for everyone else who is not as discipline (or crazy) as I am there are ScentBlocker internal deodorant pills.


This stuff is amazing and has really changed the way I hunt. I use it as an attractant and a masking scent and it also helps me condition the deer to walk near my stands for trail cameras each day. I started spraying DUI in front of my cameras in the spring and start spraying it around all of my tree stands as soon as I hang them each late summer or fall. The deer will relate the DUI to safety and curiosity. DUI makes the deer curious, while also helping them relax. So, the more DUI they smell in safe situations, the more they’ll relax when I’m using it while I hunt. Plain and simple.

Use it right!

None of these things that I use are miracle cures for poor woodsmanship, low percentage shots and sloppy habits. Always be sure to remain as scent free as possible, store clothes properly, pay attention to the wind and weather, shoot straight, be safe and have fun!

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