Styrka S3 Scopes Offer Plenty of Bang for the Buck

Styrka S3 Scopes Offer Plenty of Bang for the Buck

On the one hand, there is a quality issue. A hunter’s ultimate goal is a high-performing optic laden with the features that ensure success come deer season. On the other hand, there is the price tag. Breeze through any scope section of a local outdoors store and there’s a good likelihood some wallets will go into spasms of anxiety.

Styrka S3

There’s enough examples of optics that exceed the cost of the rifles they’ll complement to choke a whitetail a couple hundred times over. Luckily, Styrka is the rare optics manufacturer that has found the sweet spot between function and financial sanity. The company’s S3 line of scopes comes with all the bells and whistles of a champagne optic, but definitely priced for a beer drinker’s tab.

The scope line’s MSRP makes them accessible to almost every hunter, even one of the most modest means. At the same tick, they are designed to blow nearly all of its competition away. There are few other examples in the S3’s class boast the features and performance of the scopes.

The care the company takes with manufacturing the heart of any scope — the lenses — is worth the price for admission alone. Precision-ground, they are made nearly flawlessly and are further enhanced by all six of the their surfaces multicoated with company’s SXL coating. The attention Styrka has paid to the vital aspect of the S3 scopes ensures they transmit the maximum amount of light to provide one of the clearest, sharpest and most defined images out there.

Styrka S3 Series Scope.In addition, the company has designed the line so hunters can milk the most out of the optical gems. They’ve housed the lenses in rugged aircraft-grade aluminum tube, nitrogen purged and water proofed the housing and given the optics sensitive 1/4 MOA per click elevation and windage adjustments.

Styrka has even turned a fine eye to the S3 scopes’ details, such as blackening lens edges to block stray light and outfitting them will all the accouterments, such as an including a cover and a lens cloth.

Perhaps best of all, Styrka backs up all of its scopes like no other company. In addition to repairing or replacing damaged or malfunctioning optics, the company will preform yearly maintenance on the scopes for free. It will tune, clean and repair an optic and send it back good as the day it was bought.