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  • Use Blackberry catch the rabbit

    Use Blackberry catch the rabbit

    Blackberry and raspberry bushes offer both food and protection. There are several hundred varieties of them. They all grow wild. Their young, tender shoots offer an excellent and tasty food source for rabbits during the warm-weather months of the year. As it turns cold some of those shoots – the ones down deep in the […]

  • The Perfect Rabbit Gun For Shooting

    The Perfect Rabbit Gun For Shooting

    The perfect rabbit gun, though, doesn’t have to be a 12. Although I’ve never mangled a rabbit with a 12, it doesn’t take a lot of pellets to kill a cottontail. In fact, the best rabbit shoot I ever went on was a quail hunt in which the quail didn’t show up and the rabbits […]

  • Tips for Hunting Rabbits

    Tips for Hunting Rabbits

    I won’t lie to you—hunting rabbits with a beagle or five is easier than trying to fill a brace of bunnies by going dogless. But then, some things in life are appreciated most when they don’t come too easily. While most die-hard Elmer Fudds wouldn’t be caught in a thicket without their low-running hounds, for […]