Rabbit Hunting Tips

Useful Tips To Help You Arrest The Rabbit

Useful Tips To Help You Arrest The Rabbit

Many hunters think rabbits hunting is one of the most challenging and rewarding small game specie . Some hunters enjoy kicking along a fencerow alone, eager to jump a rabbit, while others prefer the thrill of watching a pack of dogs scurrying after a fleeing rabbit. Whatever your rabbit hunting approach, hopefully this article will give you some helpful hints.
The most obvious requirement for a successful rabbit hunting is finding out where the rabbits are. Cottontail rabbits prefer brushy cover for protection in upland agricultural fields and grasslands, and reach their highest populations in areas that provide a patchwork of several usable habitat types. As their name implies, swamp rabbits are associated with wet areas, preferring moist lowlands and brushy cover along streams and ditch banks. Useful Tips To Help You Arrest The Rabbit
Many hunters know that fencerows often harbor rabbits, but don’t forget to check brushpiles, fallen trees, and even wooded areas. Several hunters simply do not realize that woods provide sanctuary to a horde of rabbits, and these areas generally receive less hunting pressure.

One of the most overlooked secrets of rabbit hunting is scouting. Cottontail rabbits are highly active at dawn and dusk and this is usually when most rabbits can be seen. Pay special attention to where and how the rabbits flee because these escape routes are used repeatedly and may be useful in the future.

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