What’s The Right Time To Hunt The Rabbit

The best time to hunt the rabbit

When you hunt the rabbit, the most effective way is choose the right time of day. Different types of animals are active at different times of day and night.

Firstly, many argue that Cottontails and other types become even more active around dusk and dawn. If you notice rabbits running in a particular direction when in flight, you should watch these routes since they will most likely reuse the same routes again. The best time to hunt the rabbit 02
Damp and cooler days mean that rabbits will hide away in their holes which increases your chances of finding them.

If the ground is dry and the humidity is low, this can result in a poor hunt if you’re using dogs. The dry air dries out the noses of the dogs and the ground does not hold the scent as long as it does when the ground is moist.

If it is particularly windy, this can make hunting difficult. If possible, plan to hunt after several harsh frosts. This ensures that there are less hiding places and thereby increases visibility. These animals will enjoy the cover of bushes in the warmer months but, when these plants lose their leaves, they don’t offer quite as much protection. They won’t move away from their home just because of lack of coverage, but they might be extra skittish so you might need to work on your agility.