2017 New Hoyt Pro Defiant Bow At ATA Show

The wave continues with the 2017 Pro Defiant. It boasts tons of exciting features: Zero Torque Cable Guard System designed to alleviate riser stress while drawing; Offset Riser Technology for benchmark strength and stiffness; Multilayer Lamiate UltraFlex Limbs designed to partner with DFX cams to improve string angle, in turn promoting stress-free and comfortable shooting form; and Pro-Lock Pocket System intended to superiorly connect the riser and limbs for unrivaled reliably. Limb Shox and Shock-Rod Technology stop noise and vibrations. Don’t forget the TEC Lite riser, which survived Hoyt’s rigorous 1,500 dry-fire testing protocol. The DFX cam has an optional limb stop for those who prefer a sturdier wall at full draw. Parallel Split Limbs generate virtually zero shock and evenly distribute loads. The Pro Defiant is available in three models ranging in length and speed: Pro Defiant, Pro Defiant 34 and Pro Defiant Turbo.

Hoyt Pro Defiant