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  • The Best Way to Find More Shed Antlers

    The Best Way to Find More Shed Antlers

    If you want to find more shed antlers you have to search where whitetails congregate and you need to put boots on the ground. In addition to these two simple elements you can up your antler game and gain by incorporating a common piece of hunting equipment. No, it’s not an ATV to ride around […]

  • Awesome Tenzing TX 14 Backpack

    Tenzing TX 14 backpack

    Well! Today, I have some awesome backpacks from Tenzing Outdoors and Alps OutdoorZ that I regularly use. They are designed for hunting and outdoors use. Check it out, below.   Here are five reasons your hunting backpack could make or break your hunt:   1. Not Enough Room Going minimal is fine, but trying to […]

  • Styrka S3 Scopes Offer Plenty of Bang for the Buck

    Styrka S3

    On the one hand, there is a quality issue. A hunter’s ultimate goal is a high-performing optic laden with the features that ensure success come deer season. On the other hand, there is the price tag. Breeze through any scope section of a local outdoors store and there’s a good likelihood some wallets will go […]

  • 5 Rules For A Successful Post-Season Scouting

    5 Post-Season Scouting Tips

    It’s not too late to get that in your mind to make plans, if you haven’t begun thinking about deer season already. The season begins in just a few months and that will fly by quickly. Florida’s southernmost zone opens in late July, along with blacktail deer season in California, parts of South Carolina in […]

  • Best Optics for 2017

    best rifle scope

    Optics are lighter, brighter and more durable than ever before. Many Midwest bowhunters consider optics nothing more than an accessory that they can take or leave. And today here are some of the best optics for 2017. Check them out below.   1. ALPEN TETON Alpen Optics has earned a reputation for providing great glass […]

  • Mathews Launches Video Tribute to Women Bowhunters

    bow hunting

    Mathews recently released “Drive,” a short video celebrating women bowhunters, who despite obstacles and naysayers dedicate themselves to this beloved, yet demanding, sport. The video features four women from across the country: a blacktail hunter and archery coach from northern California, a western big game hunter from Bozeman, Montana; a whitetail hunter and cattle rancher […]

  • Understanding the Metabolism of the Wintering Whitetail

    Deer in northern latitudes endure harsh winters

    Winter, especially in the northern regions, is by far the cruelest few months on the whitetails’ calendar. There is no reprieve or escape. Winter’s elements are unforgiving and harsh. The numerous challenges that accompany plummeting temps can wage an all-out battle as they beat relentlessly on the physical condition of deer herds. Fortunately, there’s a […]

  • Ten Ways To Improve Your Land for Deer

    Ten Ways To Improve Your Land for Deer

    Now, though, mature bucks are common, some sporting big, heavy racks. The rut is intense, and the deer herd is better balanced and healthy. What changed? Our land and deer management plans. Many hunters think you need a large spread to make any meaningful changes to a deer herd, but this just isn’t so. Small […]

  • Penalties For Trail Cam Theft Could Increase in PA

    Trail Cam Theft

    In more recent years, trail cameras have been the target gear that thieves tend to be honing in on. These situations continue to happen because very few regulations are in place to punish such thieves. For the most part, a verbal confrontation, finger pointing, or a slap on the wrist is about all one would […]

  • Time to Recharge If Your Deer Hunting Isn’t Enjoyable


    It’s hardly a news flash that deer subjected to hunting pressure are declining in number. Hunters can persist to blame game-governing agencies, insurance companies, dwindling habitat, coyotes, bears and other competing animals. We can blame vehicles, winters, poaching and on and on until we’ve covered the bases. But none of it changes declining numbers. Are […]

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