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  • What ‘s the best recurve bow for hunting

    What ‘s the best recurve bow for hunting

    A good eqiupment for hunter contribute to hunting. Here are the things that make a recurve great for a hunter.   1. It needs to be quiet This is the most important thing you should remember. If something annoy your hunting, you won’t hunt anything. So how do you solve this? By choosing a bow […]

  • Men’s classic clothes for hunting

    Men’s classic clothes for hunting

    With its classic style, this shirt looks as good for casualwear as it does in the field or on the range. The heavy-duty construction assures long-lasting wear. Quilted shooter’s patch, a large flap chest pocket with button closure and two-button adjustable cuffs. The 100% cotton is soft and durable for comfort you can count on. […]

  • Best Hunting Boots For 2015

    Best Hunting Boots  For 2015

    Every hunter knows how important it is to take the proper boots with them into the woods, but with all of the options available sometimes selecting the perfect pair can be a challenge. There are so many different options available, and everything from the manufacturing material to the type of sole and tread pattern can […]

  • Diamond Infinite Edge RTH Compound

    Diamond Infinite Edge RTH Compound

    The Diamond® Infinite Edge Compound Bow is one your archer will depend on while developing their skills. With a draw length of 13-30″ and a draw weight of 5-70 lbs, it is extremely versatile and adjustable. It also comes with an infinite draw setting for training programs, first time shooters, or bowfishers. The Infinite Edge […]

  • Excellent Longbow Package

    Excellent Longbow Package

    A great bow for young shooters just getting started in archery, the Daisy Youth Archery Longbow reduces the frustration of getting started. Sized for younger shooters, this longbow pulls just 10 lbs. at a 16″ draw. Durable fiberglass limbs offer draw lengths up to 24″ to let shooters keep practicing as they grow. This beginner […]

  • Men’s 800-Gram Hunter Boots

    Men’s 800-Gram  Hunter Boots

    Maximize your advantage with the ultra – light stealth, all-terrain stability and broken-in flexibility of Meindl’s most revolutionary hunting boots ever. After wearing a pair, you’ll realize just how much the right boots make a difference. IBEX outsoles match rigid outer treads with a cushioned middle section for the ultimate combination of stability and stealth. […]

  • Tips for Hunting Rabbits

    Tips for Hunting Rabbits

    I won’t lie to you—hunting rabbits with a beagle or five is easier than trying to fill a brace of bunnies by going dogless. But then, some things in life are appreciated most when they don’t come too easily. While most die-hard Elmer Fudds wouldn’t be caught in a thicket without their low-running hounds, for […]

  • How to take care of your magnetic compass

    How to take care of your magnetic compass

    So, just what could have caused a 13° degree error?  What can the backcountry traveler do? Remember that the correct operation of the compass is dependent on the action of the magnetic needle to guide the hiker through the backcountry. A lot of items in a pack and clothing can affect the needle. Most understand […]

  • Matt Stutzman prepare for Rio 2016

    Matt Stutzman prepare for Rio 2016

    Matt Stutzman earned a silver medal at London 2012; no easy feat. He set a record for the world’s longest recorded archery shot and, like many competitive archers, first picked up a bow to hunt for food. But unlike most people who try archery, Matt had to make some adaptations. Why? He was born without […]

  • Choosing the Best Compound Bow for You

    Choosing the Best Compound Bow for You

    As an outdoor writer and a pro-staff member of one of the leading compound bow manufacturers in the world I’m often asked which bow I shoot. That question is typically followed up with “what compound bow do you think is the best”? The simple answer to that loaded question is “the bow you shoot the […]