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  • Best Recurve Bows: A Comparison of Recurves and Recurve Bow Reviews

    Best Recurve Bow Overall   There are many excellent recurve bows on the market, and it can often be hard to tell the difference between the best performing bows. Indeed, anybody buying a bow from one of the top recurve bow brands is likely to be reasonably happy with their purchase, and the most recurve […]

  • Crossbow Hunting Tips for Deer

    Deer hunting with a crossbow can be a great way to bag that trophy buck or put food on the table for weeks to come. There are many tips to help you have a successful crossbow hunt for deer, but here are a few of the basics on gear selection to get you started: 1.Know […]

  • What You Need To Know To Take A Tactical Shotgun Deer Hunting

    The year 2012 came and went without a Mayan apocalypse. The undead zombie hordes still haven’t risen to eat humanity. Anarchy does not yet rule. That’s all good, except that the tactical shotgun you bought just in case isn’t getting much exercise. So take it deer hunting already. In a soft shotgun market, tactical guns […]

  • How to Pick Ammo for Squirrel Hunting

    Best Squirrel Guns and Ammo Years ago, before I developed nerve damage, I enjoyed several different types of hunting. Among these were deer hunting, quail hunting, rabbit hunting, and duck hunting. I lived in a fairly remote rural area, and we had thousands of acres of woods, pastures, and lowlands that held a variety of […]

  • Top Three Best Bunny Guns

    You can hunt rabbits with just about any shotgun, but these three are perfect for the briar patch. 1. Weatherby SA-08 28 gauge: You might not immediately associate the Weatherby name with rabbit hunting, but there are few guns better for busting bunnies than the SA-08. It’s lightweight and has a beautiful (but durable) wooden […]

  • How To Select Youth Hunting Clothes For Fall

    It is that time of the year, and whitetail hunters everywhere are gearing up for fall. We recently featured a piece about selecting hunting clothes for women, and not to be overlooked, youth hunters face their own challenges when trying to find the right hunting clothing as well. Many years ago, I was one of […]

  • How to Buy the Right Hunting Boots

    To a skilled hunter the right equipment isn’t just made up of the right gun, ammunition and transportation for whatever is coming back with them. A skilled hunter knows that a comfortable pair of boots should always be part of the mix. If you plan on surviving the elements with a pair of normal boots […]