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  • The New Line of Barnett Youth Bows

    barnetts vertical youth bows

    Barnett has launched an all new line of youth bows for 2017, each designed to get kids excited about archery and keep them hooked on shooting. From the new Quicksilver and Wildhawk for beginners to the more advanced Vertigo and Tomcat 2, every bow in the lineup comes with everything a young shooter needs to […]

  • 6 Hunting Tips for Better Scent Control

    gear scent control

    I am a loyal scent control disciple and even though my deer season is still months away, my scent control regimen starts now. Here’s what was in the box, and why I order it so early. 1. Body Soap and Shampoo Take a scent free shower before each hunt. If I’m on the road and […]

  • Hot Gear: Apex Expands Covert Sight Lineup


    Apex Gear known for performance driven archery sights and accessories, expands the COVERT series of bow sights with the new single-pin model that uses an ultra-long, .019″ diameter green fiber optic for extreme brightness. The new green single-pin model provides a competitive and affordable option for archers’ interested in the powerful advantages of the COVERT™ series of […]

  • The Best Deer Hunting with Foul Weather Crossbows

    tenpoint crossbows

    We hunt in the conditions we get: rain, sleet, snow and bone-chilling cold, or a mixture of any and all as the Mother Nature is seldom cooperative, especially during the rut, when whitetails are most active and odds are best for arrowing a mature buck. What- ever daybreak brings. Not because we necessarily prefer these less […]

  • Mathews Releases 3 New Hunting Bows for 2017

    Avail gear

    The anticipated arrival of the new Mathews bow line was announced Tuesday morning, with the Halon 32 serving as the flagship for the 2017 introductions. Mathews fans filled chat rooms on social media and hunting sites discussing the possibilities for the new bows. When the news broke, three new models were announced with a wide […]

  • One Easy Way to Bring Big Bucks To You!

    Mature whitetails deer

    Mature whitetails are secretive, nocturnal creatures. Fortunately, you can break them of that “annoying” habit with this simple strategy. Probably three styles of deer hunters—those who hunt over food sources and take whatever comes their way, those who hunt the transitional routes between feeding and bedding areas and take whatever comes their way, and those […]

  • 2016 Hot Gear: Easton 6mm FMJ Available in Retro XX75 Autumn Orange

    Crunch Time Tips For Whitetails

    Return back  to the dark ages when we had landline telephones, vehicles with triangular windows for air vents and high-low clicker buttons on the floor and three television networks (four if you counted PBS), we had orange arrows. Its about the late 1970s, my father started doing a little bowhunting and then I got one […]

  • Six Hunting Tips for Better Scent Control

    a young buck deer

    It was hard to hide my juvenile excitement as the UPS truck was backing into my driveway as well as a kid at Christmas. Everybody loves getting things in the mail, and I was especially excited for this package. This season’s Scent Blocker order was sure to not disappoint. I am a loyal scent control […]