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  • Gun Review: Taylor’s & Company 1875 Smith & Wesson Model 3 Schofield Revolver in .38 Special

    Taylors & Company 1875 Schofield 38 Special Revolver

    image courtesy JWT for Sweet baby Jesus this gun is pretty. Taylor’s & Company has imported a limited run of nickel-plated Smith & Wesson Model 3 Schofield break-top revolvers. The Schofield is one of the iconic guns of the west, with a rich history. It would be hard to do such a storied horseman’s […]

  • Gun Review: Arex REX zero 1T 9mm Pistol

    I have been cheating on my Beretta 92 for about a year now. The Italian has served me well, but I have found something new. My new love is an awkwardly named Slovenian, the Arex REX zero 1. And it does things my Beretta can only dream of. Earlier this year a new version was […]

  • Awesome Tenzing TX 14 Backpack

    Tenzing TX 14 backpack

    Well! Today, I have some awesome backpacks from Tenzing Outdoors and Alps OutdoorZ that I regularly use. They are designed for hunting and outdoors use. Check it out, below.   Here are five reasons your hunting backpack could make or break your hunt:   1. Not Enough Room Going minimal is fine, but trying to […]

  • Styrka S3 Scopes Offer Plenty of Bang for the Buck

    Styrka S3

    On the one hand, there is a quality issue. A hunter’s ultimate goal is a high-performing optic laden with the features that ensure success come deer season. On the other hand, there is the price tag. Breeze through any scope section of a local outdoors store and there’s a good likelihood some wallets will go […]

  • Best Optics for 2017

    best rifle scope

    Optics are lighter, brighter and more durable than ever before. Many Midwest bowhunters consider optics nothing more than an accessory that they can take or leave. And today here are some of the best optics for 2017. Check them out below.   1. ALPEN TETON Alpen Optics has earned a reputation for providing great glass […]

  • Penalties For Trail Cam Theft Could Increase in PA

    Trail Cam Theft

    In more recent years, trail cameras have been the target gear that thieves tend to be honing in on. These situations continue to happen because very few regulations are in place to punish such thieves. For the most part, a verbal confrontation, finger pointing, or a slap on the wrist is about all one would […]

  • The Best New Gear from the Great American Outdoor Show

    Ultra Light weight bino strap

    The Great American Outdoor show in Harrisburg, PA has been a staple for outdoorsmen in the region for a very long time. The National Rifle Association became the show’s sponsor 3 years ago and has revitalized this show and its impact on the deep roots of America’s outdoor traditions. While the show has a large […]

  • Montana Legalizes Lighted Nocks

    Montana Legalizes Lighted Nocks

    Regardless of what side you’re on, lighted nocks will now find their way onto the arrow shafts of bowhunters across the Treasure State in 2017. Montana is a beautiful state with ample opportunity for bowhunting big game. But along with nature’s bounty, you’ll also find Montana to have some of the quirkiest wildlife rules and […]

  • Federal Premium Adds New 209 Primer

    New 209 Primer

    Federal Premium Ammunition is glad to introduce the new 209 Muzzleloading Primer to complement its line of B.O.R. Lock MZ bullets, which ensure a deadly combination of accuracy and Federal Premium 209 Muzzleloading Primerdownrange devastation. Shipments of the new primers are currently being delivered to dealers. The primer formulation provides superior resistance to moisture and […]

  • Elite Option Bow Series at the Top of Its Game

    Elite Option Series bows

    For 2017, Elite Archery has built upon the belief that your bow should feel as great as it looks—without sacrificing any performance. The result is the Option Series™, built around the basic principle that your bow must always perform as well as you do, especially under less than ideal conditions. From the axles to the grip—and […]