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  • How to Use a Turkey Mouth Diaphragm Call for the Beginners

    diaphragm turkey calls

    The mouth diaphragm turkey call is one call that every turkey hunter ought to have in his or her bag of tricks each spring. But surprisingly, many would-be callers are actually scared of this particular type of call. Maybe they’ve struggled to produce the sounds, or perhaps even gagged to the point of choking while […]

  • Turkey Hunting Decoy Strategies That Work All Season

    Turkey Hunting Decoy Strategies That Work All Season

    Along with good calling and proper concealment, most turkey hunters agree that employing decoys is one of the most effective strategies for coaxing a gobbler within range. But decoying a fickle longbeard isn’t as simple putting out a phony bird or two and pulling the trigger. There’s a correct time, place and way to do […]

  • How To Use A Full Strut Turkey Decoy

    Full Strut Turkey Decoy

    Using a Full Strut Decoy in Mid to Late Season I’ve heard of hunters swearing off the use of full-strut turkey decoys as the season progresses. One too many encounters with gobblers that walked away instead of coming in can often lead you to think these decoys are useless in the late season. But that’s […]

  • Florida’s Spring Turkey Season Offers Special Opportunity

    Osceola turkeys

    Florida turkey hunting is unique for another reason. It’s also the only place in the world where the Osceola subspecies of wild turkey is found. And Turkey season has arrived and it’s time to get in the woods! March 4 marks the opening of Florida’s spring turkey season on private lands south of State Road […]

  • Hunting Tips:Success With Blind Ambition Fuels Crossbow

    camping in the ground

    As we all known, weather is one of those uncontrollable variables that can really influence the outcome of your hunt. When peak rut hits, deer hunters want to be in the woods all day. However, steady rain and temperatures in the high 30s make that already daunting task seem nearly unbearable. The best you can […]

  • Turkey Hunting Tips For Beginners

    Turkey Hunting

    Pursuing turkeys is one of the most exciting forms of hunting. The birds are tough to hunt yet engaging. Hunters can be conversational with their quarry. While the conversations are exhilarating, the confrontations are what turkey hunters live for. The last 50 yards of enticing that big gobbler to your location can last for hours […]